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Our Company

Since 1976, Paul McInnis, LLC has sold thousands of Real and Personal Property Assets for clients throughout New England and beyond. We hold real estate broker and auctioneer licenses in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Florida, with affiliates across the United States. Our company utilizes both traditional brokerage and accelerated auction marketing to sell all types of real estate including commercial, industrial, resort, multi-family, mixed-use, waterfront and residential properties.

Paul McInnis, LLC is a full service auction and real estate brokerage company serving the New England region. Our company offers premier real estate services to select clients including private individuals, public companies, financial institutions, law firms, developers, partnerships, trusts, estates, and more. We focus on each property assignment with extensive research, appropriate marketing and diligent follow through to ensure each client’s satisfaction. Our reputation, staff and process attracts first class sellers and offers buyers an enjoyable and informative buying process. Please take the time to explore our services and experience to see if we can be of service to you.


Paul McInnis, LLC was founded in North Hampton, NH by the President of the company, Paul G. McInnis, in 1976. During the last four decades, he built one of the most diversified premier auction companies in New England, selling thousands of properties and assets for clients throughout the nation, and creating the full service auction and brokerage firm that exists today. The company now relies upon its founder’s principles of dedication and hard work, along with a natural sense for what it takes to get things sold – and that is what continues to make Paul McInnis, LLC successful.


Investments in real estate, tangible assets, or even in yourself, begin with a vision of future returns. However, visions remain fruitless without focus and hard work. Our auction marketing company began with one man’s vision, backed by a philosophy that brings the vision into focus.

This intensely personal philosophy reflects the Yankee traditions of our founder and president, Paul McInnis. Over four decades ago, Paul McInnis knew that auctioneering would not be merely a passing interest; it would be his life’s vision. So in 1976, he was licensed as an auctioneer and, in 1978, he founded Paul McInnis, LLC (PMI).

We at PMI share Paul McInnis’ vision and work ethic. We quickly realized that the more we know about the property we sell, the faster we could sell – and the better we could serve our clients and at the same time earn the trust of our customers. Our vast experience and knowledge is diverse across many asset types but, our approach is the same. We research, so we know as much as we can about your property and the potential universe of buyers. We invest in our people and in our business, so we can provide you with innovative services. That way we fulfill our promises of return on investment, again and again.

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